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Le Marais area is known, since the end of the XIIIth century, to be the center of Paris cultural scene. Around Place des Vosges or Notre-Dame des Blancs Manteaux church, museums, and art galleries have bloomed. Galerie Joseph offers more than twenty exhibition areas in this peculiar neighbourhood, to anyone who would like to be seen in the very heart of Paris artistic life.

A storied area

From Knight Templars priory building, in the 1240’s, to Place Royale foundation by King Hery IV, or André Malraux Highlight and Conservation Plan in 1964, Le Marais is the core of Paris’ life. Many landmarks testify of this major part, mansion houses, temples and churches, monasteries. Marquise de Sévigné used to come and hear, during XVIIth centurie, Jean-Philippe Rameau compositions.

Outstanding neighbourhood

The neighbourhood, today, comprises prestigious institutions, as Musée Carnavalet, around Paris’ history, or Picasso Museum, which has opened in 1985 in baroque structure of Hôtel Salé. Heirs of this glorious ancestry, many art dedicated areas have flourished.

Home and shelter

Eastern Europe Jewish have found a shelter there. The gay community have found his place, alongside to many Chinese people from Wenzhou. This multicultural diversity makes Le Marais shine on Paris – and world’s cultural life.

Arts mecca

Where could you be seen and appreciated, more than on this land of Arts and History& ? Galerie Joseph keeps its showroom and events spaces at your disposal, for your exhibition or pop-up store, your fashion show, mettings or even vehicle collections. From 25 to 300 square meters, our places welcome all of your audiences, in art and fashion historic Paris. And you can even book us online& !

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