The Best Podcasts While at Home

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“Tell me what you’re listening to, I’ll tell you who you are.”&

Podcasts are the new Eldorado, because today we are no longer asking What are you watching? But instead we ask What are you listening to?

This new way of listening has grown enormously, and all subjects are covered. It’s characterized by transgenerational use, since listening to a podcast has become an activity that appeals to all generations, women and men. For several years, podcasts have successfully evolved, and their multifaceted aspect is one of the reasons.&

Being a podcaster has become the new profession that keeps everyone intrigued. Content creators, fashion’s magazines, such as ELLE and Vogue, radio shows such as France Culture, and even designers, influencers, and public figures have succumbed to it.

The themes cover everything from fashion, culture, art, design, politics etc. Every taste Is pleased.&

Galerie Joseph would like to present its selection of the best podcasts to listen to with no moderation. In quarantine, this new tool will allow you to escape, while educating yourself.

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