The Marais’ best vintage shops for fashion and furniture

Exposition Paris

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Vintage fashion has been in style for more than a few seasons, now — especially in the Parisian sphere. Whether it be clothes or furniture, styles that were the talk of the town a few decades ago continue to fill up the most glamorous wardrobes and interiors. Those who are passionate about fashion culture appreciate vintage pieces for their singularity, their “collector” aspect, but most importantly, for their durability. Vintage is not just an aesthetic : it’s an ethical choice. As we step foot into an era filled with disruptions, giving furniture or clothes a second life has become a major issue for waste reduction… And keep certain skills alive. Some of the best vintage shops are in the Marais, and it has become easy to find rare gems. Here are a few ones picked by Galerie Joseph, specialized in the renting of galleries in the Marais, in Paris.

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