The Wall House n°2, a small postmodern pearl of the Netherlands

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1973, Connecticut, USA. The Wall Home was designed by John Quentin Hejduk for landscape architect Arthur Edwin Bye. However because of value issues, the building won't ever be built. Almost 30 years later, the building was finally constructed in Groningen, the Netherlands, the place Bye was born. Legend has it that the architect designed about twenty Wall Houses within the 1970s. Solely mannequin #2 was ever constructed. Situated in a residential area south of the town of Groningen, its windows permit its tenants to enjoy the surrounding countryside, while defending them from curious onlookers from outdoors.

The building is built around a wall on which several rooms on two flooring are hung, which might serve to separate skilled life from personal life. For this challenge, John Hejduk was impressed by cubist still-life paintings. As on a canvas, the totally different parts of the home, remoted from one another, are suspended on a concrete wall. As for the totally different colors, they have been impressed by these used on Le Corbusier’s Maison La Roche. As soon as an artists’ residence, Wall Home #2 is now an annex of the Groningen Museum.

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