When Milan’s boutiques focus on design interiors

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For a number of years now, many style and way of life stores have been imagining their areas as staging areas with unimaginable ornament. The thought? To create a memorable experience as soon as you enter the shop. Milan, metropolis of design par excellence, certainly gathers probably the most lovely venues on the planet. Acumen reveals two new spots to not be missed.

Volgare Store

In the heart of Milan, the Volgare idea retailer attracts curious seems to be. And for good purpose: the interior area is a visual exaltation. Behind this singular challenge is the Madrid-based artistic company Puntofilipino, founded by Gema Gutiérrez. Inspired by Milan’s multicultural art scene, the designer masterfully blends colors and shapes from Mexican, Moroccan, Spanish, and Portuguese design. A daring eclecticism that she continues within the selection of materials. The ground is adorned with a typical Italian terrazzo, while the walls range between thick glass bricks and multicolored concrete. The shop is worked like a jewel field the place the merchandise, like jewels, are highlighted by these contrasting tones and textures.&

Volgare Retailer

By way of Giovanni Battista Sammartini, Milan&

Saint-Louis Crystal

A French company and a pacesetter in the subject of fantastic crystal work, Saint-Louis is opening a brand new tackle in Milan. A showroom that is each an illustration of its values and an integration of the town’s fashion. Dimorestudio has been entrusted with this venture. With their marked language, the area elegantly reveals the richness of Saint-Louis. The primary flooring is covered with an intense pink carpet, while the steps with amber Plexiglas handrail lead to an area where brass and lacquered wooden are de rigueur. Punctuated by signed furniture, the studio creates a subdued Milanese-style interior, during which warm and vibrant colors spotlight the creations of the French home, its know-how and its heritage. 

Saint-Louis Crystal

By way of Gastone Pisoni 2, Milan


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