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A serious figure of geometric abstraction, a precursor of minimalist art, but in addition of interactive art, a champion of numbers and probability, of the curve and the suitable angle, of order and disorder, of lunatic geometry and random distribution… François Morellet (1926-2016) is a breviary of up to date artwork all by himself. Armed with squares, directories, neon lights, and a very good dose of humor and fantasy, he has never stopped breaking the neck of the romantic fantasy of artistic subjectivity and taking the portray out of the bounds of the, based on him, arbitrary framework imposed by centuries of academicism … 

Conceiving the work as a psychological and visual area, but in addition sensual, auditory, olfactory… to “depart the spectator of his apathetic dependence, which makes him settle for in a passive means not only what one imposes on him as artwork, but as a system of life.”1 It does us good… And, introduced in the midst of the modern works collected by the house owners of the Chasse-Spleen Fort, it hits the bull’s eye…

1Groupe de Recherche d’Artwork Visuel (GRAV) – “Enough mystifications,” Oct 1963 &

“François Morellet at Chasse-Spleen,” Château and Art Middle Chasse-Spleen&

32, chemin de la Razé, Moulis-en-Médoc

Until September 30&

Stéphanie Dulout

L’article François Morellet est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.