James Tralie, director of nostalgia 

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Marseille, nature, and nostalgia. These are the three parts that animate the work of American James Tralie. The young artist’s digital worlds have been observed on Instagram, invaded by water and vegetation. His creativity is impressed by his keep within the Phocaean metropolis during his studies and catalyzed by the confinement imposed by Covid-19, during which he educated in free 3D-modeling software by way of YouTube tutorials. But before this journey, and before offering his providers to Apple, Facebook, Adobe, and the Marriott group, the young man had an uncommon trajectory that few can boast. While learning geosciences at Princeton College, he found an internship at NASA. The distinguished American aeronautics and area company employed him a month after he finished his studies. His goal? To share the discoveries made through the numerous missions to the moon and other planets by way of movies and documentaries. A mission that permits him to marry his scientist’s soul to his inventive fiber. In contrast to his counterparts, James Tralie does not give life to utterly unreal universes with no actual link to reality. His strategy stays related to our world, but in addition to his own, inhabited by the gothic buildings of his scholar life, or by his candy reminiscences of the Mediterranean Sea within the creeks of Marseille. 


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