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Like Michael Heizer, Robert Smithson, Robert Morris, and the opposite pioneers of the Land Art adventure began on the finish of the 70s, James Turrell moves immense plenty of earth, fashions them to rework desert websites into sculptures, or fairly, into cosmic theaters meant to make man hear the heartbeat of the earth, from its entrails to its celestial horizons…&

Within the north of Arizona, on the Colorado Plateau, not removed from the Painted Desert, it's within the chambers and tunnels of light excavated within the cone of a volcanic crater acquired by the artist almost fifty years1 ago, that we'll quickly give you the chance, perhaps (if generous donors, like Kanye West, give a number of million to finish the venture…) to go and take heed to these antediluvian palpitations… Music of the depths delivered to mild to collide – and to be in communion – with the music of the celestial spheres and to echo it, to propagate it by way of the sunshine captured and diffracted within the cave decomposed into luminous cells…&

James Turrell (born in 1943 in Los Angeles) is a guru-artist and a champion of light, which he has made his sole material. For him, the inventive experience should not be lowered to easy contemplation however have to be “a deeply personal experience that connects us to the cosmos.” &

In his “perceptual environments” which were embedding mild because the late 1960s to raised mirror it in area and intensify sensory notion, the visitor is known as upon to be an “lively participant.” “My want is to arrange a state of affairs by which I take you and allow you to see. It turns into your expertise.” “My work has no object, no picture and no focus. With no object, no picture, and no focus, what are you taking a look at? You're watching your self watching. What is necessary to me is to create a thought experience with out phrases.” 2

Perception, contemplation, introspection… does the artist (educated in perceptual psychology), who manages to fill and vibrate area with luminous vacancy, need us to reside a mystical experience? Together with his Skyspaces, architectures or environments pierced of their prime, he opens for us the doorways of the sky… Comfortable are those who may have stayed, during a starry night time, a sunny day or a night of full moon, in one among these open-sky observatories scattered within the 4 corners of the planet: a pyramid in Yucutan, a round dry-stone tower within the heart of the Swiss mountains, a white marble cocoon in Uruguay (one of the latest): the choice is vast…&

  1. The Roden Crater&
  2. “My want is to arrange a state of affairs to which I take you and allow you to see. It turns into your expertise. “

“My work has no object, no image and no focus. With no object, no image and no focus, what are you taking a look at? You are looking at you wanting. What's essential to me is to create an expertise of wordless thought. “

Some Skyspaces:
Ta Khut, in Posada Ayana, in José Ignacio, Uruguay: https://www.posada-ayana.com/skyspace
Skyspace Lech, within the ski area of Oberlech in Tannegg, 1780 m above sea degree, Austria: https://www.skyspace-lech.com/contact/?lang=en
Skyspace Piz Uter, within the Lodge Castell in Zuoz, Switzerland: https://www.hotelcastell.ch/en/art-architecture/art-at-the-castell/

James Turrell

Value seeing: Jesus is Sort, the film shot by Kanye West in Roden Crater for his self-titled album, as well as Road Lights recorded in situ.

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