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Bare bodies or wearing colors, dancing our bodies or merging with objects, full-length photographs or details of materials, presenting proud attitudes in a softly unusual world: that is what the work of the photographer Julia Buruleva has in store.

Russian by start and Barcelonan by adoption, the photographer works with our bodies, her own and people of her models, as if building a narrative, merging surroundings, subject, and emotion. She displays our representations and presents the our bodies the vibrant qualities of a landscape. Informed by her apply of trend and promoting images, the make-up and preparations are completed on the time of capturing, involving minimal retouching and growing the surreal effect of the pictures.

Julia Buruleva


Represented by Inside Out Gallery


Ana Bordenave

L’article JULIA BURULEVA, BODY-LANDSCAPES est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.