Milan Design Week 2022

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After several postponements, Milan Design Week returned in drive this yr. From June 7 to 12, the Lombardy capital moved to the frantic rhythm of trend and design, providing a panoramic view of the tendencies to comply with. Acumen shares with you three highlights that marked this re-creation. 

Studio KO at Bisazza

For his or her first collaboration with the Italian home, the French architectural duo needed to reinterpret the natural magnificence of marble by giving it a up to date look. Three modules with a resolutely trendy geometric composition reveal a eager sense for the play of contrasts and lightweight and sublimate the material that's marble.

Divine Inspiration by Lee Broom 

To mark the fifteenth anniversary of his studio, the British Lee Broom imagines this new collection of lighting, Divine Inspiration. Theatrical creations that mix the world of brutalist architecture with that of places of worship. With these pure silhouettes manufactured from typically unexplored supplies, the light takes on an entire new dimension. Sacred and contemplative.

WOVEN Whisper by Richard Yasmine

WOVEN Whisper is an ode to craftsmanship. To a disappearing cultural heritage. Conceived by the Lebanese designer Richard Yasmine, the gathering is an exploration into ancestral know-how, revealed by the bold types of modernism and the Arts & Crafts movement. The result's poetic furniture of nice emotional power.

Louise Conesa

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