Mulhouse Biennial: Cosmic and Photographic Magic

Exposition Paris

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The cosmos, also known as the cradle of humanity as a lot as its vacation spot, doesn't escape the gaze of photographers, and that is what the Mulhouse Biennial of Images is highlighting this yr via its title, “Corps Céleste.” Thus, the luminous physique of the photograph meets that which reaches us from the celebs. Immersed in this universe, we'll discover some well-known names and uncover others. We'll stay fascinated by the celebs as a lot as by the pictures, held again by the works of Sarah Ritter and Agnès Geoffray at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, the self-portraits with silver reflections of Stéphanie Montes, and the dystopian landscapes of the artist duo Taiyo Onora & Nico Krebs, and the terrestrial landscapes will remind us of their very own common magic. 

Corps Céleste

Mulhouse Images Biennial 2022

10 June – 17 July 2022

Ana Bordenave

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