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Elementary colors, elementary varieties, flattened areas, confusion between type and substance, area and object, base and work, artwork and design… It is to a intelligent mixture of genres and a joyful mishmash of varieties that Nathalie Du Pasquier, because the 1980s, likes to confront us in the wrong way up areas. For the French artist and designer, a portray is on the similar time an object, a space, and an setting, and the artifact have to be one with its help. A presupposition that ignores the age-old antagonisms (or virtually…) between abstraction and figuration, two-dimensional illustration and volume, actuality and simulacrum… Sufficient to make our heads spin and stimulate our most jubilant and disconnected creativeness… 

Exhibition J
Till April 23 
Anton Kern Gallery – New York

Stéphanie Dulout

L’article NATHALIE DU PASQUIER   est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.