“Norfolk”: when Koichi Takada reinterprets the magic of pine trees

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Impressed by the native conifers of Norfolk, this challenge by Koichi Takada is a sculptural building in Burleigh Heads, Queensland, Australia. Adorned with organic varieties harking back to pinecone scales, the building was designed for this 1,000-square-meter beachfront website at Goodwin Terrace at the southern finish of Burleigh Heads Seashore. Ten stories high, it homes fifteen flats, together with two penthouses. The façade “refers back to the internal workings of the Norfolk pines, a pure icon of the Gold Coast area,” Takada explains. “Just as their pinecones shield their seeds from the elements and open when in a perfect pure setting, Norfolk’s architecture might be tailored to guard residents from the weather or to welcome the 300 days of subtropical sunshine and the unimaginable pure surroundings.”


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