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At the origin of a new wave of inventive wastelands implanted in warehouses, factories and other disused open spaces awaiting reconversion, Poush has traded its office tower in Clichy (within the Hauts-de-Seine), occupied since February 2020 by 120 younger artists, for a former perfume manufacturing unit in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis). At the coronary heart of this hive of artists, an enormous corridor topped by a dome pierced by bays flooding the place with mild : a dream exhibition stage that might be “for visual artists the opportunity to experiment with new collaborations, to dialogue with other disciplines – dance, performance, music – [and for curators] the potential of imagining even more impactful programming, monumental works and a spot of exhibition open to artists of the French and worldwide scene,” explains Yvannoé Kruger, inventive director of the place, whose lovely inaugural exhibition, “Echoes of a distant time arrive whistling on the sand” (to be seen till August 19).

Now supported by the Association pour le Développement des Lieux de Création Artistique (ADLCA) created in June 2021 by Hervé Digne and Laure Colliex, the founders of Manifesto (another association creating revolutionary tasks to help artists at the origin of the creation of POUSH in 2020), this momentary “inventive campus” reworking an industrial heritage website into a multidisciplinary creation and exhibition area is a effective example of the transitional urbanism of the Larger Paris space in full improvement.

Along with the engaging worth of the workshops (adapted to all practices), the occupants of the place (chosen by a call for purposes) profit from an inventive and manufacturing help program, administrative and legal help, and above all, a fantastic visibility, particularly through the professional days. 

“I see POUSH as a world café, where you possibly can meet individuals from everywhere in the world, individuals with totally different disciplines, a place where everyone speaks the identical language [? I see POUSH as an international café where you can meet people from all over the world, people with different disciplines, a place where everyone speaks the same language […], a type of village where all the buildings are related by footbridges, which facilitates entry to the studios and call between artists,” stated painter Dhewadi Hadjab, a new recruit to the Kamel Mennour gallery and a current graduate of the École des Beaux-Arts, who was featured in our final situation, in addition to his studio neighbor Arnaud Adami, one other rising star of the new photographic-realism painting.

153, avenue Jean-Jaurès, Aubervilliers




L’article POUSH est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.