Resting Reef or renewal through death

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The dying business kills. Past the straightforward wordplay, the numbers converse for themselves. Yearly in america, 1.6 million tons of cement and metal are used to form graves and 20 million liters of toxic embalming fluid are discharged into the groundwater. A tragedy for biodiversity and the setting. Confronted with this remark, designers Aura Murillo and Louise Skajem have conceived a brand new ceremony that may benefit nature, and notably the oceans – one of many first victims of local weather change. Their components? Mix human ashes with shellfish from the meals business. This material would then be used to design, by way of 3D printing, capsules put in within the seabed where oysters and mollusks might make their house. A lovely initiative that mixes ecology and poetry.

Lisa Agostini

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