The intimate photographs of the artist Iringó Demeter

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As soon as she obtained her bachelor’s diploma in artwork images, Iringó Demeter left her native Transylvania for the town of London with the target of conquering new horizons and exploring the human physique in all its types. Lulled since childhood by “calm and nature,” Iringó regularly seeks to transcribe this calmness in most of her photographs, permitting her to be as close as potential to her topics. “The act of establishing a scene and being current with it till I discover the suitable angle means something to me. It lifts me up like nothing else,” she continues. 

It is with poetry that the photographer captures intimate pieces of intertwined or solitary bodies, giving a glimpse of beauty, typically pure, typically imperfect. The predominance of black and white in her pictures immerses the viewer in an angelic, even idyllic, environment. Iringó pays specific consideration to the tonality utilized in his photographs. “Visually, emotionally, it doesn’t matter, the color has so as to add one thing coherent to what I’m taking a look at,” concludes the photographer. Indeed, this choice will significantly influence the ultimate rendering of every of her creations.&

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