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For one summer time, the New York darling of design and modern art is shifting to the MAMO on the roof of the Cité Radieuse in Marseille. In partnership with Galerie Perrotin, this art middle, based by Ora Ito, hosts the site-specific exhibition, “The Basketball Modulor.”

On this singular work, Arsham explores themes which might be particular to him, such as the concept of time, the relationship to historical past, but in addition sport, including basketball. The set up takes place in a room that was traditionally used as a gymnasium. With references to the colours of the Unité d’Habitation and to the proportions of the “Modulor,” a system of measurements conceived by the well-known French architect Le Corbusier, Daniel Arsham works on this idea of scale, whereas emphasizing the linear facet of time. Thus, the exhibition room takes up the yellow and blue of Le Corbusier, his sun motifs, to which basketballs have been associated, used on banners, a flag and on the courtroom. Erosion, an important idea in Arsham’s work, is to be present in sculpted balls positioned in buildings harking back to the famous LC4. Lastly, on the roof terrace, the New Yorker has chosen to put in a collection of bronze sculptures evoking a number of durations of historical past, similar to Greece and Historic Rome. They are adorned with indicators of abrasion in crystal, and can be uncovered to the elements at the prime of the Cité Radieuse, the emblematic constructing of the Phocaean metropolis. 

“The Modulor of Basketball” at the MAMO Centre d’Art de la Cité Radieuse till September 25


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