The surrealist jewelry of Beatriz Palacios

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Based mostly in Madrid, the Spanish designer launched her eponymous model in 2011. Her collections do not hesitate to go back to the previous or the longer term, with the purpose of satisfying refined ladies of all generations, each creating their very own picture of femininity. Borrowing basic references from the world of art, music, and cinema, the Iberian brand provides sumptuous and imposing pieces, such as the “Blue” assortment, from which this hand-shaped resin earring with gold-plated nails comes, and which may also be used as a necklace or a comb.

Other notable and implausible pieces from the designer are this genuine rose hanging from a golden stem that may adorn your ear because of a pearl clasp, not forgetting this enameled porcelain and minimize prehnite swan. These are exceptional pieces, a few of which require a couple of weeks’ ready. Designed in her workshops in Madrid, Beatriz Palacios’ collections additionally supply jewellery for the more timid. Her newest collection, “Gran By way of,” is impressed by the night-time landscapes of the Spanish capital, but in addition New York, London, and Tokyo. Utilizing pearls, gold pieces, enamels, and other vintage crystals, she conjures up a world of eclectic influences, filled with prospects, the place every partygoer is welcome, and which pays homage to her iridescent and fluorescent colours.

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