“We walked on the Earth” by Uffe Isolotto

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The 59e edition of the Venice Biennale began on April 23 and shall be held till November 27 for the pleasure of tourists.

An emotional journey by means of the national pavilions at the Giardini and the Arsenale, combining established artists and delightful discoveries.

The Danish pavilion has chosen Uffe Isolotto, a Danish artist born in 1976 who works on the question of the self, the body, sexuality and know-how. His works typically evoke a post-human state through which man becomes alienated by his own technological creations, craving for an virtually unattainable return to the origins of nature.&

(New Age Headache) 2016 – Tranen&

Together with his set up We Walked The Earth, Uffe Isolotto plunges visitors into an in-between world of hyperrealism by embroidering on the theme of mutation.

A unbelievable story about life and demise, between tragedy and hope.&

Upon getting into, visitors uncover a seemingly idyllic Danish farmhouse, through which a life-and-death drama affecting a household of centaurs unfolds.

Suicide, delivery, mutation: by means of this family tragedy, Uffe Isolotto seems to evoke the top of a cycle that asserts the beginning of one other. The extinction of a species allowing one other type of life to emerge, symbolized by a child centaur lying on the ground, a kind of hybrid totally different from its mother and father.&

Struggling to deal with the challenges of our more and more complicated and unpredictable actuality, centaurs embody a state of oscillation between despair and hope, reflecting the profound ambiguity of at present’s world


We Walked The Earth – Venice Biennale

Organized by Jacob Lillemose&

Danish Pavilion, Giardini, C. Giazzo, Venice (Italy)

From April 23 to November 27, 2022


Mélissa Burckel

L’article “We walked on the Earth” by Uffe Isolotto est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.