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Calida Garcia Rawles‘ paintings seize you. Faced with the deep, luminous blue of the waters she paints, the hyper-realism of the waves, the reflections, and the bodies, you are feeling able to fall over.

The American artist, who lives and works in Los Angeles, creates large-scale portraits of African-American women and men immersed in water. Behind the engaging photographs, the turquoise ripples, and the glint of a potential solar, lies, in actuality, a reflection on the ambivalence of water: it heals and nourishes, nevertheless it additionally performs an element within the historical past of racial inequalities and nonetheless engulfs those who cross it. By articulating her follow around this duality, she makes water the vector of a mirrored image on political identities, the bearer of a memory, and the witness of occasions which might be repeated. 

His work is at present introduced in Still Present! theBerlin Biennale 2022, curated by Kader Attia.

Flora Fettah

L’article CALIDA GARCIA RAWLES est apparu en premier sur Galerie Joseph.