Radiooooo, when music becomes timeless 

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It was in 2013, in a classic automotive from the 1960s, that Benjamin Moreau had the thought of making a brand new sort of collaborative website: Radiooooo – the 5 “o’s” representing the 5 continents. The next yr, Karl Planck joined him with the agency intention of shaking up the conventions of the standard music streaming platforms. It is an invitation to journey that Radiooooo presents, taking us on the roads of the Mediterranean Riviera in the hunt for an elsewhere. Synonymous with sharing, conviviality, and curiosity, this collaborative website opens the doors to a cosmopolitan and eclectic universe, far from all conventions. Radiooooo is above all a family of lovers wishing to convey by means of their cosmos a timeless beauty that may by no means fade.  

There is only one step between streaming and crowdsourcing. The music within the platform’s library is sorted by yr and by country, allowing users to complement their musical culture and unearth beforehand forgotten treasures as they pay attention. “Day-after-day, the collaborative website receives between 150 and 200 items of music from music lovers all over the world. The music is then processed by our staff, which judges whether or not it corresponds to our editorial line,” says Karl Planck. Imagined by Benjamin Moreau and his sidekick Noémi Ferst – in control of the graphic universe of the duo Polo & Pan – the pop and coloured universe of Radiooooo presents a wonderful escape, not removed from a chimerical nation.

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