From Los Angeles to Paris: The Rich and Depressed Kids boutique is electrifying 

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In 2012, Henri Alexander Levy created the streetwear label ERD, impressed by the avant-garde movements of the 70s and the Japanese avant-garde of the 80s. Rich and Depressed Youngsters has been hatched in the dressing rooms of many stars, like Kanye West, Beyoncé, and Justin Bieber. The founder was strongly influenced by abstract painters of the 1950s akin to Robert Motherwell and Cy Twombly. The 45-square-meter Parisian store in the Haut Marais is steeped in the influences of those artists. The store, designed by architect Didier Fiúza Faustino of the Mésarchitecture company, seems to have emerged from a piece by Twombly within the “Blackboard work” period. The gray marble partitions give the impression of a chilly area impressed by the codes of the bunker and the protected. Deployed on two levels, steel and marble line all the area, the synthetic inexperienced of the floor intermingles with the sidereal notes of the place.

The chrome steel panels are articulated from a plunging properly in the front to satisfy in the reflections of a faceted cylinder. On the back, the staircase winds around a mineral monolith to a horizontal area pierced by a hopper by which the sky appears in a low angle. “The ERD boutique is a contained grey space, a geometrical boudoir, a surgical limbo. The area was conceived as a stage product of metallic and stone to enclose the experience of want,” explains Didier Faustino.

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