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Have you ever heard of glamping? A contraction of glamour and tenting, this tourism development combines the posh of lovely accommodation with the freedom of camping in the open air. The trademark of Magic Camps, glamping is now being exported to the desert. For those who dream of a singular and weird experience in the midst of the dunes, Magic Camps are for you! Combining the normal Bedouin way of life with the consolation of luxurious accommodation, the tented camps are taking up the Wahiba Sands, the desert area of Oman. Outfitted with refined and warm interiors, and even personal loos, they offer unexpectedly excessive requirements. To make each keep unforgettable, Magic Camps supply friends further nomadic experiences to explore the desert like no other. Star gazing with a telescope, genuine Middle Japanese cooking courses, Arabic calligraphy demonstrations: put together your personal tailor-made and extraordinary keep. Your eyes are already full of stars…

Yaël Nacache

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