Patty Carroll: Portraits of Domestic Life

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Patty Carroll’s first solo exhibition at Gallery XII in Los Angeles. Shiny colours and pastels of a modern cleaning soap opera – white, pink, orange, yellow – or black bodies of decomposed fashions, faces disappearing underneath accumulations of objects, flowers or good-natured decoration; the themes of the images are introduced in domestic environments that deny them any risk of an id of their own. In Patty Carroll’s work, each shot is an episode that may evoke the stagings of girls photographers and artists of the last century. Within the kitchen, the devices remind us of Martha Rosler’s creations. The representations of a certain cinematic horror additionally evoke the work of Cindy Sherman. Composing with the home universe in a want for humor and reappropriation, the photographer’s work additionally echoes the Womanhouse art undertaking undertaken by Judy Chicago, which has turn into a cult. Finally, by way of the creation of work during which bodies and their surroundings merge, it's Carolee Schneemann’s Eye Body portraits that come to thoughts. Here, nevertheless, there are not any portraits. The truth is, the other is true; there isn't a approach of discerning the id of the protagonists, who disappear into their pervasive domesticity of social codification. A collection with an interesting universe…  

& «& Anonymous Ladies& » – Galerie XII Los Angeles

2525 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica (USA)

Till Wednesday 1 June 2022

Ana Bordenave

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