Sergio Roger or the art of weaving ancient sculpture 

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At first glance, Sergio Roger’s work seems to be carved in stone. The milky and irregular hue of his sculptures is harking back to marble. But his pieces tickle our curiosity. It's by getting nearer that the material and the very essence of his work are revealed. Sergio Roger is a textile sculptor. It's in his workshop, situated in the heart of the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona, that he shapes his puzzling statues with a needle and material. Educated in sculpture and new media at the Berlin Fantastic Arts Faculty, the young artist attracts his inspiration from the historical past of artwork, within the conventional representations of beauty. Via embroidery and sewing, Sergio Roger reinterprets emblematic works and breaks with classical helps. The Greco-Roman period provides him this infinite subject of reinterpretations. Busts of emperors, mythological nudes, and draperies of goddesses take on a new which means. As meticulous as the carving of a sculpture, the gestures of the Barcelona artist show the majesty of his method. Each work is exclusive, created from scraps of previous fabrics that he selects with care. From linen to velvet, the textile animates these silhouettes with a shocking aura. 

Found by the gallery owner, Rossana Orlandi, during Milan Design Week 2021, Sergio Roger is now one of the residents of her galleries and continues, underneath our fascinated gaze, his work as a textile tailor.

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