When wood becomes a creative essence

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Wooden is an age-old useful resource that never ceases to surprise and encourage artistic minds. Chiseled or hammered, varnished or left raw, this material can reveal a mess of points relying on the best way it's worked. Acumen deciphers for you 4 skills that sublimate wood.

Nicholas Shurey, the carved wooden

Architect turned cabinetmaker, British artist Nicholas Shurey fascinates together with his emotional strategy to materials. His creations, with their natural curves, navigate between objects, furnishings, and sculpture. Sensory pieces exalt the essence of wood with finesse.


The marquetry of the Verbaan studio

At Studio Verbaan, wood is the inspiration of creation. Taking over the conventions of conventional marquetry, the Dutch duo infuses a up to date look to their items. Summary types, all in curves, which accompany the performance of the thing.


Baptiste Lanne and his poetic lights

It is by eager to reconnect with the liberty of childhood that the designer Baptiste Lanne turned inquisitive about working with wooden. This materials, which the Earth produces endlessly, allows him to create furniture and lighting with organic shapes. Utilitarian objects to which the artist breathes a poetic aura.


Wood in its brutality by Jean-Guillaume Mathiaut

With the eye of an architect and the talent of a cabinetmaker, Jean-Guillaume Mathiaut provides new life to trunks and branches of wood found in the forest. From his sharp and easy blade strokes, panorama furniture is born, true architectures that reveal the uncooked great thing about the fabric.


Louise Conesa

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